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    Are You Looking For A Wrist Watch For Your Child?

    Young boys can be pretty reckless with their toys, clothes and accessories, that's why you should look for a watch that is robust and durable.

    Vazeedo's kids' digital sport watch is made with Germany-imported PU resin materials that are shockproof and waterproof up to 50m.

    The kids' watch also has a highly transparent resin glass dial, an EL backlight mode, and your kid will be able to read it easily without hurting his eyes.

    This Super-Cool Digital Watch Has The Following Amazing Functions:

    Alarm clock
    Button-activated LED back light
    Date/week display
    AM/PM hour display
    Minute/second display
    12/24-hour format

    The Most Comfortable And Sturdy Fit!

    The flexible strap of the waterproof outdoor watch for kids can be adjusted between 15cm and 21cm for optimal comfort.

    Even if your child wears this sports watch on their wrist all day, everyday, his skin won't get irritated.

    Are You Or Your Child Unsatisfied With Your New Multifunctional Wristwatch?

    If you're unhappy because your sports watch is defective, during the first year we will replace it with a new one.

    If you're unsatisfied with its premium quality and unique style, you can contact us during the first 180 days and return it for a full refund.

    This a completely hassle-free purchase, so you can place an order without any worries and get this digital watch for your son, nephew, grandchild or godchild!

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    Price: £10.99
    • 🌺Limited Time Deal 🌺THE IDEAL WATCH FOR LIVELY KIDS🌺: Is your child energetic? Does he love outdoor activities? Then don't buy him just any watch! This wrist watch for kids is made of Germany-imported PU resin materials that are shockproof, waterproof (up to 50m) and unbelievably durable. The kids' watch also has a highly transparent resin glass dial, an EL backlight mode, and it is easy to read without hurting your kid's eyes. Need we say more?
    • 🌺WATCH WITH ENDLESS FUNCTIONS🌺: One of the main reason why this boys' watch is so cool is its endless functions! More specifically, our wrist watch for kids also functions as an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and it has a button-activated LED back light. Of course, it also shows you the date, week, AM and PM hour, the minutes and the seconds. Finally, your kid can choose between the 12-hour and the 24-hour format. Could this watch be any cooler?
    • 🌺COMFORTABLE ADJUSTABLE STRAP🌺: The strap of the Vazeedo kids' wrist watch is adjustable between 21cm and 15 cm, so it is suitable for kids that are at least 1o years old. Once your child adjusts the lightweight digital watch to their wrist, it will feel very secure and comfortable. Don't worry, the material of the watch band is skin-friendly, so your kid's ski won't get irritated, even if he never takes off the watch! You can trust us on that.
    • 🌺THE COOLEST GIFT FOR BOYS🌺: Any young boy would love such a stylish multifunctional watch, so if you want to surprise your son, nephew, grandson or godson, you can't go wrong with Vazeedo's digital wristwatch! The waterproof watch comes in a bright blue colour that matches most - if not all - colors and outfits, so your child can wear it every day at school, at their sports practice or even when they go swimming!
    • 🌺100% HASSLE-FREE PURCHASE🌺: Our outdoor kids' watch is backed up with a 12-month warranty of return acceptance, as well as an 18-day money back satisfaction guarantee. At the same time, our professional customer support team is always at your disposal. If there's a problem with your new sport watch for kids, or if you or your child are not happy with your purchase, contact us and we will make it right - simple as that!


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