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Health and Lifestyle Forum

The Health and Lifestyle Forum on E-trainerz allows all users to provide their own advice, guidance and tips on how best to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. It is fair to say that being in good health and living a positive lifestyle are two of the most important things that we all strive for. It has been proven that living a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on all aspects of your day to day living, as a result having a major impact on your general well-being and your overall standard of life.


This forum allows users to discuss all aspects of health, in particular how we can make changes within our everyday lives to improve our health by looking at the key factors such as nutrition, exercise and new ways of thinking. Users can also discuss the benefits to be gained from maintaining a good standard of health looking at how we can give ourselves the best chance to live a long and prosperous life from how we chose to live on a daily basis.


Everyday many of us talk about the type of life we wish we had or aim to achieve. This type of discussion usually covers the following topics:

  • Obtaining a better work life balance.
  • living in a warmer climate.
  • Doing a job that you enjoy and do not regard as “work” but still provides the same income, if not more than the mundane 9 to 5 job you currently have does and you dread going to on a daily basis.
  • Having the freedom to do what you want when you want, as a result of not  having to worry about many of the stresses that life can bring and many of us get bogged down with on a daily basis.

The main benefit of this forum is that it provides new ideas and ways of thinking with regards to how best to achieve an all round healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

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Introduce Yourself Forum

The introduce yourself forum on e-trainerz is designed in a way that both personal trainers and non-personal trainers joining the site can let other users of e-trainerz know a bit about themselves.

Fitness Professionals 

Fitness Professionals can highlight any areas that they have specialist knowledge or experience of working within previously with the view to finding new clients both in the area which they are based geographically or clients that they can train online by sending nutritional advice and workout plans.


Likewise non fitness professionals can state what they aim to achieve from joining e-trainerz and the forum allows users to interact with personal trainers worldwide in order to get the best advice in order to achieve personal goals.

Promotional Opportunities

Fitness Professionals

This forum on e-trainerz gives fitness professionals a great opportunity to promote their own products and services by giving them the opportunity to post links to other related websites. All users of E-trainerz as a result can gain more followers on their own blogs and social media sites. The associated benefits and opportunities of doing so are huge in a number of ways!

Non Fitness Professionals

The introduce yourself forum on E-trainerz gives users the opportunity to interact with fitness professionals they may have otherwise never come across. The other great benefit of the forum is that users can match up with fitness professionals that specialise in or have experience of a specific area within the world of fitness. As a result,  users are given the ultimate platform to achieve their personal targets and goals.

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News and Events Forum

The news and events forum is very helpful for everyone involved in the fitness industry, as it gives users the opportunity to discuss any current affairs relating to the fitness industry. This is beneficial as it allows those connected to the industry to compare their views and understand how others regard certain topics which all contribute towards shaping the industry as a whole.


The fitness industry is constantly in the news for a range of different reasons sometimes these reasons are positive and unfortunately these reasons can be negative. The News and Events Forum gives all users the opportunity to highlight any topics related to the industry, both historically and present day to establish how others feel about the news and how this might impact on them day to day. This forum is key as it gives all those related to the fitness industry the opportunity to discuss current affairs which all act as contributors towards shaping the future of the industry whether we like it or not.


This forum covers events from a local level to a national level. It gives users the opportunity to promote events which they are involved in personally, as well any events which they have attended and want to share with other users. This forum is a great way for any event organisers to build the popularity of an event and in doing so gaining  maximum exposure, in order to make the event as successful and worthwhile to everyone that is involved.

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Questions to Trainers Forum

Benefits to Fitness Enthusiasts

The questions to trainers forum allows fitness enthusiasts to ask fitness professionals questions. This is very helpful as not only is the information received coming from professionals working within the fitness industry, but it  can generate several responses from fitness professionals all of which will have a vast knowledge in specific areas of the fitness industry. Therefore, users can do a direct comparison with all the feedback before deciding on what is best for them in line with what personal goals they aim to achieve.

Another huge benefit of the questions to trainer forum is that it allows fitness enthusiasts that might not feel comfortable asking a personal trainer in their local gym questions if they are not paying for their service which is often very costly as we all know.

It is also a great way for fitness enthusiasts to start following fitness professionals on a daily basis via E-trainerz, social media and blogs.

Benefits to Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals are given the opportunity to share the great knowledge which they possess in all areas of the fitness industry as a whole. This gives fitness professionals the opportunity to interact with users that are looking to achieve goals in areas which they have have knowledge and experience of working within. As a result fitness professionals can grow their on-line personal training business in a number of ways with the benefits of doing so unlimited.

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Trainers to Trainers Forum


The trainers to trainers forum gives fitness professionals the opportunity to share their ideas with other professionals all of which will have knowledge in different areas within the fitness industry. This is great as it means that professionals can grow the knowledge which they already have from interacting directly with other professionals on a variety of different fitness related topics.

Fitness professionals can interact with other professionals not only via E-trainerz but in a number of other ways such as social media sites and blogs. This is great as otherwise they might never have had the chance to find other like minded professionals as easily and the benefits that can be achieved from growing your on-line professional community is unlimited.

On-line Personal Training

The benefits to be had by Fitness professionals building their presence on-line is huge and the financials gains of doing so can be very rewarding. Fitness professionals can share their experiences of how they have grown their on-line personal training business giving tips and advice on how best to go about doing so. The opportunity also exists for fitness professionals to share clients amongst each other. For instance, if they have a client that now wants to take their training in a new direction they can recommend a trainer that would be best suited to working alongside them to ensure they achieve their own personal goals.

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