The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Training Review

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Training Review

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How top fighters get into the cage with the highest levels of energy, stamina and power by following the The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Training Review.  This can all be achieved from just two short workouts per week.

You’re a mixed martial arts enthusiast, But…..

  • What is stopping you from achieving your ideal fighting shape
  • Having the confidence to take on any opponent by having the ultimate levels of strength, cardio and power to ensure you come out on top.

If you’re looking to achieve the above then you have definitely come to the right place!

The reason keeping you from your physical potential: LIMITED TIME & LIMITED ENERGY.

In order to be a successful MMA fighter, you’ve got to work on new techniques and keep utilising the skills you have already required.

When two athletes get ready to fight and they’re equal in ability, who will come out on top?

If you said, “The guy in better shape,” you have answered the question correctly. It does not matter how skilled you are, if you gas out or get overpowered, you’re going to lose. Even if you simply train for fun, what’s more fun getting tapped out constantly and losing to less experienced people or being able to pull off all of your skills and train forever and still be eager for more. In order to be an MMA fighter it is crucial that you have a great deal of dediation – often 5, 6 or even 7 days a week of training. This can often make it hard to fit your strength and conditioning workouts in, even though you know how crucial they are towards achieving your full fighting potential. It is fair to say that most workouts require 3, 4 or even 5 workouts per week – impossible to stick to and potentially dangerous, since you can quickly become over trained and as a result suffer an injury. It is also the case that the workout programs you find yourself following are based on old fashioned methods that drain your energy, making your MMA training at best ineffective and at worst, counterproductive, since you’ll end up developing lazy techniques because you’re sore and you’ve already used up all of your energy working out.


The Truth About S&C for MMA;

Most workouts DON’T Work for MMA

The fact is that the majority of the workouts you find online and see the UFC fighters doing on TV won’t work for you, especially if you’ve got a job, school to go to or a family to attend to. They’re designed for people that fight full time. People whose lives evolve around fighting. 


But the absolute worst plans are based around old school body-part splits – f you’re following a body-part split routine you’re KILLING your chances at achieving an elite level of fitness.

These routines aren’t designed for MMA. They’re designed to build muscles for guys who like fake tans and wearing neon thong bikinis. Not what you or I are after. They will not give you the functional strength and power you need and they require at least 4 days per week of training, further wasting your limited time and energy that you need to survive the gruelling training sessions you do as a mixed martial artist. Finally, they will make you bulkier, slower and more susceptible to gassing out – exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want!


The Solution to Getting into Top Fight Shape;

MMA Specific Programmed Periodisation

Here is an example of a popular myth that is keeping you from achieving an elite level of fitness……

You have probably heard of Tabata intervals before, yes?

You have also probably heard that they are the best way to improve your cardio.

Now let me ask you this………

How can Tabata’s be the ‘best’ model or fat loss, general fitness and MMA conditioning – three completely different goals?

The correct answer is they cannot and they are not!!

What these same coaches won’t tell you (or might not even know) is that every method can be useful, but it depends on the time and place the method is used that determines its effectiveness. I am going to highlight the three main areas that many people often screw-up in their training:

Major MMA Training Screw-up #1: Strength

Weight training is crucial in developing your strength and power.

However, if you are like most fighters and you don’t perform the right reps, sets and exercises at the right time, and change them every 4 weeks, you’ll stop making gains and plateau and you’ll never get the best results from your efforts. Periodisation takes care of this and shows you what to do, when to do it, so each phase of training builds on the previous one and you never get stuck on a plateau and get stronger, faster and more powerful each and every phase.


Major MMA Training Screw-up #2: Cardio

There are 3 systems in your body that give you the cardio you need to punch, kick, choke and wrestle your way to victory from the first to the last round: the aerobic, anaerobic lactic (An-L) and anaerobic alactic (An-A) energy systems. Specific workouts develop each energy system. It’s far too complicated to go into depth here, but you must understand that just like how your strength training must be periodised, the same goes for your cardio. If you are just doing the same old intervals or circuits all the time, your body will hit plateau and you will stop making gains and leave one of the other components under developed. This will happen even if the workouts which you are doing are hard and you are pushing yourself to your maximum potential.

Remember it’s not just about training hard, but training smart.

The ideal is to train hard AND smart. If you’re ready to do this, you’re ready for explosive gains in your fitness.


Major MMA Training Screw-up #3: Power

Medicine ball exercises are the best way to develop knockout power because they allow you to train your core in rotation which is where power comes from. However, most people totally blow it by doing way too many reps and not resting enough which results in the exercises being only a quarter as effective as they could be if done correctly, which you’ll learn about soon.

Here is the golden rule of power development:

Keep sets short, 15 seconds or less, and rest fully between sets, at least 8 times the length of your set, sometimes more, depending on the exercise. This is why MMA Specific Programming and Periodisation is so important – because it allows you to train strategically AND synergistically, working the right attributes at the right time, avoiding these major MMA screw-ups and resulting in consistent gains while completely eliminating excessive soreness, fatigue, overtraining and injury.

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